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Our Team - The biggest difference between MyElectorate and digital agencies or other consultants is we live and breath election campaigns, constituent engagement and the wide range of activities that Members of Parliament and political parties engage in, from street stalls and booth manning through to branch meetings and policy development.

Network - Together with our strong network across the Liberal and National parties, enables us to innovate and increasingly be proactive in developing systems that make it all the more rewarding to engage with a local member or political party, whether as a member, donor, supporter, volunteer or swing voter.

Website that is Customised to your Specific Requirements

To provide you more freedom and control over your site, our websites are supported by strong content management systems. We'll sit down with you and work together to determine website goals and how they tie into your overall objectives and where the greatest potential for improvement exist.

Easy to Manage Website 

Our team will set up your site so that you can manage the contents even if you lack technical experience.

Mobile-Friendly Website

Mobile devices account for more than half of all website traffic for most sites, so we make sure your website has a responsive design and provides a consistent user experience regardless of the screen size.

For each project, we prioritize not only speed but also ease of use and mobile web site development; we'll include a mobile version of your site at no additional development cost.

Social Media Integration

Social media has become an essential platform to reach and engage with your constituents. It has become an important aspect of your online presence. Our team will help you set up social media presence to encourage people to share your website by showing social media settings on every page on your website.

Engage Your Community

Our Interactive Map makes it easy for your staff to feature Liberal investments / achievements in the electorate and/or participation in recent and upcoming events.

Secure and Up-to-Date Websites

We ensure your website is fully secure and up to date.

Systems Integration

Our team of developers are well versed in making sure various systems integrate with each other. Some systems we’ve had experience integrating include: CiviCRM, Mailchimp, Social Media feeds and 2-Factor Authentication.

Custom Analytics Platform

In addition to Google Analytics, your website will include our custom analytics platform, AnalyticsNGN, which enables us to track more detailed information about individual visitors to the site.

Drag & Drop Email Builder

Our drag & drop editor helps you create engaging, professional emails that will reduce email production time and writing email content becomes faster and easier.

Support & Maintenance

We provide training and documentation to our clients, but we're also ready to assist with ongoing support to ensure your site runs properly.

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