About Donor Wallet

Donor Wallet is our innovative new fundraising platform that will help you turn donors into patrons and recurring benefactors.

What makes Donor Wallet unique, is the way that it seamlessly integrates a number of technologies and behavioural understandings into a simple and enjoyable user experience.

Similar techniques were proven to substantially increase giving in US Presidential campaigns and unlike many other fundraising platform providers, Donor Wallet:

  • avoids donor confusion by using your own branding and domain name, such as give.YOURDOMAIN.org.au, rather than referring donors off to eWAY or PayPal
  • works with an existing or new eWAY account and Merchant Facility so money is received straight into your own bank account, rather than distributed later by the operator
  • works across devices including leading web browsers, tablets and smartphones
  • unobtrusively stores a pre-authorisation for future donations, but without storing credit card numbers - reducing credit card fraud risk
  • encourages recurring donations on a monthly or annual basis
  • optionally enables quick donations by SMS in response to targeted campaigns
  • provides immediate receipting and a donor login so donors can easily review their donation history and update their credit card details
  • automatically reminds recurring donors to update their card details when a payment fails or card is cancelled, with a link they can click to immediately update them
  • allows individual pages for each campaign, so you can track which campaign is being contributed towards
  • integration with MailChimp, so you can instantly add donors to your chosen mailing list
  • integration with our Online Membership Management and Finance system, to help you automatically account for contributions

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